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Book: Breathing as Spiritual Practice: Experiencing the Presence of God by Will Johnson

Article: The Breastplate of Presence

Article: How To Blast You (And Your Child’s!) Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Resilience Through The Roof With Breathwork

Article: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (5 Key Principles For A Good Night’s Rest)

Sleep chapter of Boundless 

Website: Dr. Andrew Huberman

Podcast: From Green Tea To Psilocybin: The Routines, Diet, Lifestyle, Supplements & Sage Advice From One Of The Top Natural Medicine Docs On The Face Of The Planet – The Dr. Andrew Weil Podcast

Book: Finding God Through Sex by David Deida

PDF: Way of the Superior Man Chapter 45

Book: The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know by Matak Chia

Article: Breath Prayer: An Ancient Spiritual Practice Connected with Science

Book: Chronicles Of Narnia by C.S Lewis

Articles and Podcasts on Breath